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He Gave Colour to a Fading Script

Staunch in his resolve to protect a people’s literature, art and culture, and armed with the desire to bring out their history, Jayadhir Tirumal Rao (63) and his team promoted the Gunjala Gondi script, which was on the brink of extinction. Jayadhir and his team, who gave it their all, including investing their own money, hope the script will enable about 60 lakh Gond tribe members, living in six states of the country, to narrate the stories of their lives and times. Continue reading

Gondi language: victim of government neglect

Gondi language: victim of government neglect

Without active government support, a unique language, connected with the aspirations of the largest forest-dwelling tribal group in India, is unlikely to make much headway in resurrecting itself.

Story by Aparna Pallavi first published by Down to Earth 1st October 2014


The annual Kachchargadh festival and pilgrimage is one occasion when Gonds gather in Gondia district in Maharashtra to pay homage to their ancestors at the Kachchargadh cave (photo by Aparna Pallavi)

The 2011 census says that the total population of the Gond tribe in the country is 11,344,629.  The total Gondi speaking population, according to it, is 2,713,790. But according to Gond community leaders and observers, the actual numbers could be much higher, given the fact that huge concentrations of Gondi-speaking people are located in the Naxalite-affected areas of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh; in most of these areas, no census is taking place. Continue reading