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Schools successfully teaching Gunjala Gondi script in Adilabad, Telangana…

Gunjala Gondi script teaching has been recorded in a school in Telengana (report provided by CGNet swara www.cgnetswara.org)

Schools successfully teaching Gunjala Gondi script in Adilabad, Telangana…

Todasam Devrao is calling from Gunjala village of Narnur Mandal, Adilabad district in Telangana and saying in Gondi that a review session was conducted for the teachers of 15 Schools where Gondi is taught. Academic monitoring officer, coordinators and Educational officers have attended to review and guide the teachers. Integrated Tribal Development trying to develop language skills to students from childhood and we are glad to say kids are rapidly learning. Devrao@9492128599.

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Todasam Devrao

Many Tongues, One Script

By Ushinor Maumdar – published on Tehelka 4th October 2014
After decades of neglect, the Gonds are deciding their own linguistic future. The effort is noble but could have negative side-effects, says Ushinor Majumdar

Language barrier Gond tribals are spread across six states and each group has its own dialect, which is influenced by the regional language

Sixty-seven years and what have we got?” is the lament that rings across the tribal-dominated areas of India. Some will respond with “freedom”, others will say “you have quotas under reservation” and some will even say “social welfare schemes”. Continue reading