Gondi is a language spoken by over two million people spread over six states in central India. There is, however, no standard way of speaking the language: instead it varies from region to region and is highly influenced by other local languages. The Telegu-Gondi in Telengana, for example, has many differences when compared to the Hindi-Gondi spoken in the North.

This variation is normal for any language (the Bengali spoken in West Bengal differs to that spoken in Bangladesh, for example). Yet in order to preserve the language, allow for easy intra-Gondi communication and to facilitate the spread of media forms such as newspapers or radio (many of these areas have been largely neglected by mainstream development) it is important to establish a common standard.

Adivasiswara is highly involved with working with Gondi communities and feels that this worthwhile project deserves as much critical thought and input as possible. This site is a space where articles, research and information from conferences can be shared and examined. Please leave as much feedback as possible and share any information you have – the more inclusive this process is the better!

Also, as part of our wider project of Gondi language standardization, we offer this space for the archiving of Gondi culture (songs, music, visual arts); both to preserve these cultural artifacts and to keep them as a resource for the future.


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